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"Ambition is daring to do what you're good at"

Openbaar Onderwijs Zwolle (OOZ) is an educational organisation consisting of 37 schools, including primary, secondary and special education. OOZ will be using the Job Journey tool at the end of this year to give all their employees the opportunity to accessibly follow and enrich their own careers.

Elly de Lange - OOZ

Elly de Lange

HR & Organisational Development Director at OOZ

Education is generally more concerned with the implementation and management side of HR. The following questions are asked much less often: what does development look like? What is our vision where people are concerned? What are the most important focus points? We have entered into discussions with directors and employees on the basis of trends and developments at OOZ. This is how we arrived at our current JIJ&OOZ HR strategy. Digitisation, robotisation and technology has changed the world. You can see things are changing on all fronts. People are no longer waiting for a manager to tell them what to do, but would instead like to set out their own path. It is very important that - within the organisation’s framework - you are given the freedom to do your work ‘your way'.

What do you need?

HR is not only about functioning and assessments. Indeed, those words are actually at odds with our career development vision. Elly: 'On the contrary, we think it's important for our employees to take control of their own careers. When you decide to buy a house, you are also the one who will decide how you’re going to furnish it and which colours you’re going to use. It shouldn't be any different where your career is concerned. After all, you work at or for your employer for a large part of the week. Which roles do you want to fulfil, what do you need and what do you want to learn? The Job Journey tool helps us with this. Instead of yet another stream of all kinds of forms, Job Journey is an easy application in which you can keep track of your own portfolio. From your competencies to your ambitions and everything in between. This makes employees much more aware of their own careers and provides us, as the employer, with an insight into our in-house competencies and talents. That is very interesting!

"We didn’t waste much time making our minds up, Job Journey was the ideal basis for us to realise this. This way of working allows us to acquire a greater insight into our in-house talents and in relation to which roles people like to assume".


We looked at the job descriptions in all of our organisation’s target groups. It turned out people worked on a great deal more than just their job descriptions. This is how we arrived at the various roles you can fulfil as an employee. We also wanted to conduct the functioning and assessment interview cycle differently. This is currently actually very one-sided. Whilst it should be much more about the ambition you want to pursue and how you want to get there. Which roles and talents do you deploy? That’s how the Talentenhuis, Working Together on Ambitions professionalisation programme came into being.

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Job Journey

A platform was needed to efficiently guarantee this. ‘We wanted to put the entire programme somewhere, as we wanted to efficiently manage and maintain such an extensive portfolio. And we definitely didn't want all kinds of forms again. We didn’t waste time making our minds up, Job Journey was the ideal basis for us to realise this. It would allow us to acquire a greater insight into our in-house talents and in relation to which roles people would like to take on. Who are the driving forces? Who are the leaders? This way of working certainly also demands something from the employees, ownership of their own career is central. We are there to facilitate them in this process. And the Job Journey tool will guide and assist our employees. The idea is that they are given the space and freedom to make their own choices and experience this Job Journey tool as an enrichment. Focused on your ambition and what you would like to do'.