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Job Journey

Journey to self-development and work pleasure

The heart of Job Journey is our online talent platform that puts employees in charge of their own career. We do this in an inviting and attractive way, in the form of the beautiful journey that personal development can be. Our user-friendly application consists of six complementary modules with which employees record what their talents and qualities are, how they want to develop them further and which steps they have actually taken on that route.

Job application Job Journey

A suitcase full of possibilities, also for the organization

In the language of Job Journey: you fill in your passport, pack your suitcase, go on a trip and report! Last but not least, our talent platform is a place where employees can make contact with each other and where matches are created between projects and people. As an organization, you can see exactly which qualities and drive you have in-house, so that you can combine them smartly and connect them to your assignments and ambitions. And when employees are empowered and experience ownership, the organization also gets into a positive flow.

Job application Job Journey

6 complementary modules

Talent module

The passport

You will find competencies, roles and skills in the application from which employees can choose. We are happy to integrate an organisation’s own method or manual into our application.

The user is presented with interesting assignments, projects or internal vacancies based on the passport. In addition, employees can also be found by other users based on their passport, allowing for employees to come into contact with each other.

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Call cycle module

The destination

The destination is the module in which organisational, team and personal ambitions come together. The employee is given access to the team ambitions set by the manager and can also define his own personal ambitions.

The employee will decide for himself with which ambition he will embark on the trip. The employee has the option of defining multiple ambitions.

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Activities/projects module

The travel plan

You’ve got your passport, you know the destination. But how are you going to reach the destination? You record that in a travel plan. A travel plan is always linked to a destination and consists of one or more activities.

There are individual activities and team activities. You can record all of these in the application and possibly link them to a team.

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Portfolio module
Mijn reizen

My travels

Every employee has his own digital portfolio, in which his profile, competencies and ambitions are carefully recorded. A complete overview of all the trips you have made and are still making!

Call cycle module

Travel report

The call cycle module defines different call types in different places in the application. This ensures you are always aware of important conversations with colleagues or your manager.

The ambition interview is the conversation conducted between the employee and his manager, during which the ambitions will become clear, as well as which of the ambitions will actually be recorded as the destination. The ambition meeting is part of 'The Destination'.

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Matching & get connected module
Meeting point

Meeting point

This is the place where everything comes together. Where colleagues find each other and make contact, for example by means of SMS, email, MS Teams, or scheduling a call. But it is also the marketplace of your organization. Here you can search for activities and employees and come into direct contact with fellow travelers who have additional qualities or the same goals and activities. Based on your passport, the application automatically suggests assignments that may be of interest to you. Based on competencies, roles and skills, the ideal match is created between people and projects, between supply and demand, between the talents and the challenges of your organization. It is especially this last module that makes Job Journey's talent platform absolutely unique.

Unlimited possibilities

Job Journey feels at home everywhere

Our talent platform is easy to configure and connect to other applications and the offerings of external partners. Popay, the organization behind Job Journey, is originally a system integrator. We like to think along in optimizing efficiency and ease of use. For example, our platform can replace multiple applications, which offers employees a less fragmented user environment. Just as easy.

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  • Recruitement
  • ERP systems
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