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“The tour guide” workshop

Two consecutive days, plus one day to plan in a consultation.
Group, a maximum of 8 people.

A two-day training course on location.

Upon request.

It can, at time, be useful to have in-house Tour Guide facilitators, as more and more people are involved in Job Journey and an increasing number of people are now asking for some form of support or guidance. They can be trained in the most commonly used LEGO Serious Play method (LSP) application techniques and present customised workshops.

Examples of such workshops are:

  • “Passport” workshop
  • “Destination and your travel plan” workshop

This train-the-tour guide workshop includes the following steps:

2-day in-house training programme

  • Introduction to the LEGO Serious Play method
  • Instruction, guidance and feedback regarding the application of the LEGO Serious Play-techniques.
  • Practice with one of the specific workshops.

Implementation programme

  • 1 day of expert guidance / coaching to support the start of the workshop with employees from the organisation.

The programme is carried out by an experienced LEGO Serious Play method trainer, affiliated with the Association of Master Trainers.

Getting started with the training

You want your employees to continue to use their talents. Job Journey's accessible training courses or workshops will allow your employees to continue to develop.